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Meet the Crew

Ever wonder what the faces behind your favorite podcast shows look like? This is your chance to get to know the amazing talent behind your favorite programs. Whether you’d like to get to know all of us or you want to talk to someone in particular, please read our bios and find out why we’re the greatest crew you’ll ever meet.

Kristal Charmaine

Kristal Lamar aka Kristal Charmaine

CEO & Podcast Co-Host

Believer. Author. Truth Teller.  Whimsical Weirdo. You're most certainly going to notice when Kristal is in the room. Lover of Life and people she believes that you must be your whole authentic self to thrive in today's world. Be around her long enough and she'll force you to be your authentic self too.

Tanisha J

Tanisha Williams aka Tanisha J

COO & Podcast Co-Host

Being opinionated is something Tanisha is used to being called. She is also a wife, believer, cosmetologist, and Administrative Assistant. Tanisha wears many hats and she prides herself in being able to prioritize them, with the help of the holy spirit of course.

Lac Grizzly

Terry Jefferson aka Lac Grizzly


Terry has been attracted to music since adolescence. He started making beats at the age of 15, which is when he started listening with an entirely different ear. Terry's been moving more towards CHH (Christian Hip Hop) because of his faith and wants to become a powerhouse in that area of music. Lac really wants to solidify his foundation and make an impact in music history.

Cassie Marshall

Cassie Lamar-Marshall


Cassie got started in film and photography as a teenager; filming family functions and events. This lead to an interest in film production. Filmmaking and photography allow her to express her creativity and gives her the opportunity to experience the excitement from other individuals that view her work.

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