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She Laughs Podcast

Biweekly, Friday at 12 PM EST

What does "She Laughs" mean? – The name was created based on two bible verses. The one outlining Sarah and her laughter in disbelief when God revealed to her she would have a child around the age of 90. The second was the laughter without fear by the Virtuous Woman in the 31st book of Proverbs. These two different verses describe how in spite of doubt and or fear, God is always present and with us. We believe in sharing our lives with the hope to inspire others to keep moving forward in Christ.


Who We Are

Kristal & Tanisha

Kristal and Tanisha both believe in sharing their lives with the hopes to inspire others to keep moving forward in Christ. Kristal, single with a background in the healthcare industry and Tanisha, married with a background in Cosmetology as well as Administrative Assistance, try their best to speak from all sides of their life experiences. They are willing to be as transparent as possible about our daily walk in Christ. They feel it is their job to stay just as committed to growing in faith as well as it’s the enemies job to keep them distracted. It’s hard ya’ll! Lol, but they're dedicated to sharing, growing, teaching, and being of service.


Kristal Charmaine


Tanisha J

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Knowing God as a Healer of Emotions: 5-day Devotional

By She Laughs Podcast

We pray this devotional is a blessing to all who read it and make it applicable to their lives.

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